Going to class is recommended

Boring and daunting eight o’clock classes that seem unimportant can become very important when you see the results of not attending on your transcript. First Year Seminar is one of those classes that you need in order to graduate. It is also a class that is not fun, and seems to have no actual point, in my opinion. The class is supposed to be a class that helps students prepare for college. If a survey were to be done over how much students actually learn in that class, most would say they didn’t learn much. Students are required to buy two books for this course that lasts half a semester. Students are required to have the Strengths Quest book that is $30 and students can’t buy a used book. This has to be a new book because it has a certain code inside that you will need once to take a survey online. Students will also have to purchase the Confident Student book that is $87. These two books will be used approximately five times in half a semester. If the student wants to refer back to this book, they could. Most will not, though. It may or may not happen to all the student body, but when some start attending this class, it will probably seem bland and they may decide to start skipping, especially if it’s an early morning class. There are not too many assignments to keep up with. This is also a reason why it may become easy to start missing a day, two days, or maybe even three days in the short course. First Year Seminar is a class that is still important, and it is also easy to pass with an A. Though it may seem pointless to the freshman mind, it is necessary that it be taken seriously just like any other class. Students need to keep in mind that it is not just about turning in assignments on time. Sneaking assignments under your instructor’s door does not always cut it. This fall, more and more instructors are taking attendance seriously. Most instructors are giving students around three absences, without the students having to notify their instructors. After a third absence the student’s grade drops a letter grade. Attendance is key in succeeding in all college classes. The transition from high school to college is substantial. Most students don’t know what to do with so many liberties that they weren’t given in high school. Students need to have a responsible mind set. Keep in mind that even though it is just the first semester in a community college, all the credits count. It will all remain on that transcript, the same transcript that students will want to transfer to a university. Show up to class, even if it is early. Even if it seems pointless, show up. You don’t want a C letter grade in a class like First Year Seminar just because you were too lazy to show up.