Keeping track of time

Time always seems to be ticking when a person is in college. High school was always set on a schedule that someone else built, and classes started and ended at certain times. Like most students, I never struggled with managing my time until I reached college. Unlike high school, time in college is a different story of its own. The start of my freshman year was chaotic with having to juggle classes, work, new friends and several clubs that whisked my time away. Having the skill of time management improves success in college dramatically. My first tip in time management is to prioritize. Write a list of the things that are most important to you concerning college. Obviously most people enroll in college for educational purposes while others attend solely for the experience. Sometimes a student has to cut some of their social life to join those clubs that you wanted to, or drop some classes to make room for better grades in others. In college, you build your own schedule, unless you are like me and enrolled late and had to take early morning classes so if you like to sleep in or don’t want to take evening classes enroll early for next semester. Find the places where you are wasting time and fill them with something productive. Prioritize the things that you want out of college and time will be easier to control. My second time management tip is to make a schedule. Once your priorities have been set, build a schedule on a phone, computer, or a piece a paper with all of your meetings, classes, practices and study times. Always keep updating the schedule that you built in order to stay on top of things. If your schedule looks way too cluttered or overwhelming refer to the first tip. The third time management tip is to create some personal time. Studying, clubs and classes can stress you out from time to time. Set up a slot of space when you can relax and not worry about anything. Watch a movie, go out with friends, play some video games or read a book: just find a way to relax. My fourth and final tip is to not be afraid of routine. A routine can sound boring, but it’s probably the most efficient and easiest way to deal with college. Being stuck in a routine can provide you with not only more time but also more sleep, less stress and more free time. Remember that a day only has 24 hours in it and overloading yourself with work is not the way to go, sometimes even the most savvy of time managers can’t do everything in a day.