Should you be worried about a major?


Rubi Gallegos

Choosing your major is a difficult thing to do when there’s so many to choose from. Don’t feel frustrated because you’re not alone. (photo illustration)

Annette Meza, Copy Editor

Some students have their whole life figured out before they even step foot on a college campus while some students are still exploring. They often don’t know whether they are on the right path for a career they will love or not. They stress out about what they should do and major in. 

“You don’t have to know what you want to do when you first begin a college career because college is supposed to be all about exploring and it’s supposed to give you opportunities to explore your interests.” Dean of students, Annette Hackbarth-Onson, said.

Changing your mind throughout a college career may also be a common recurrence as well but that doesn’t mean there’s no way to figure it out. There are, in fact, some ways to solve this problem.

“Get exposed as much as possible. Take advantage of clubs, classes and any opportunities that may arise on campus. Join clubs, get to know more people as you go. Those may be basic things but its important because you begin to see patterns of what you enjoy and it makes you less afraid.” Hackbarth-Onson said.

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It’s normal to change your mind and not know. Be brave, be bold. College is meant to be a safe space.”

— Annette Hackbarth-Onson

For freshman business management major Cody Bradley it was as simple as just being a leader at his church and school.  

“The reason I chose business management as my major is because I enjoy to lead,” he said. “I was drum major in high school for marching band and I also lead a lot through groups at my church so that made me to want to manage a type of business.”

One of the many reasons students typically don’t choose what they love or what they want to do right off the bat is because of time and money.

Briseyda Lopez, sophomore nursing major, decided she wanted to do nursing after much thought because it was what was available to her financially and what she is passionate about.

“I was really thinking about studying psychology at first but then I realized how much time and money it took to really pursue that,” she said. “Money has always been a big deal in my household and I would say I wouldn’t be financially able to afford such a career. But I enjoy nursing and its what i’m good at.”  

On the other hand, there can be scholarships popping up and multiple opportunities arising in order to afford a long college career but when it comes to timing and being indecisive, Hackbarth-Onson says that this is where the counseling part comes into play.

“What I have students do is take an interest inventory online,” she said. “What it does is, it takes all of these ideas running around in your brain and it organizes them for you. It is a questionnaire and all you have to do is answer questions based on your interests. This gives you something to explore. After a student has done this, what I advise them is to take a class that has to do with that job or career and talk to an adult with experience in it.”

This interest inventory can be found under the students and career exploration tabs on ( The name of this questionnaire is called “interest profiler.’’

Students can also look at things online and research the interests they appear to get after doing the interest profiler. The website is able to tell you everything there is to know about the job you are looking for.

Hackbarth-Onson also advises students to try to get as much experience as possible in college or at a university.

“Most jobs students apply for look for someone who has done something or is in involved in school which is why I stress it a bunch to students to take part in clubs or internships. As hard as that may be, it is important to have experience. Eventually, this will look really well on ones resume which will make them a better candidate for a job they’d like.”

Hackbarth-Onson cautions not to stress if you haven’t yet found a major that’s right for you or the path you are wanting.

“There’s a big world out there and people are only exposed to what they know. It’s normal to change your mind and not know. Be brave, be bold. College is meant to be a safe space.” Hackbarth-Onson said.

You can visit Annette Hackbarth-Onson in her office A150 for more tips, advise and counseling.