Tuition increases slightly for 2019-20

Michelle Mattich

Seward County Community College will be experiencing a rise in tuition. The tuition and fees increase will be $7 per credit hour for Seward County residents and $8 for in-state students and out-of-state. The exception to this new rule is that online class fees will decrease by $2. This change will take affect in the fall.

The extra income will go toward new technology for the college. With aging equipment and many upgrades and security requirements on the horizon, the SCCC board of trustees agreed that costs must be offset by some increase in tuition. 

Dustin Ormiston, SCCC board member, noted in the February meeting that he believed institutional excellence was a higher priority than “being cheaper” than neighboring institutions. 

Michelle Mattich

While some students may not notice a difference due to scholarships and financial aid like FAFSA, there are students who don’t receive any type of aid. These students will receive the most impact on tuition cost.

“I don’t like the rising cost, it brings me down because I don’t get FAFSA so I have to pay out of pocket for school and I have another sibling in college so it will be a big hit on my parents” Marbella Alba, freshman dental hygiene major, said.

For those looking into housing at SCCC, that’s where the biggest impact in cost will come up. The student living center, hale court, and the mansions are receiving a two percent increase in rates. Single and double bedroom rates will have a $500 dollar difference. This will also be in affect starting fall 2019.

“We’re doing a lot of things right at SCCC,” Celeste Donovan, vice president of student services, comments.