Local schools attend farm day at Ag department


Rubi Gallegos

Students gather around tractors and discuss their roles in agriculture. This was part of farm day on Mar. 19.

Michelle Mattich, Managing Editor

Young children stood around corrals in the gloomy early morning while high schoolers from Southwestern Heights held onto the edge of the corrals as children crowded them. The grade schoolers’ eyes lit up at the sight of the big animals before them.

Seward County Community College’s Agriculture department hosted the annual Farm Education Day of 2019. Elementary schools from the Liberal area, including Kismet, attended the event. Click on the following pictures to see the days events!



Stations of different animals were around the ag building which held donkeys, horses, cows, llamas, and chickens. The animals were all out on display and high school students presented them to the young ones.

“This day exposes kids to animals they may not have seen before and it also provides us a chance to teach them about these animals. They are also able to learn about farm life,” Nick Noterman, agriculture instructor, said.

All the children were eager to learn about animals and agriculture, such as soil. As the high school students explained and presented the animals, the kids were diligent in answering questions. Little hands would shoot straight up every time there was a question asked. 



Laughing and screaming was heard from a mile away. One little boy screamed as a goat got near him.

“Ohh that scared me,” he said laughing it off.

The goat was playful and fed off the kids energy.

“I’m the group leader and guide for the group of students so I take them to each station. My ag teacher signed me up to do this but I like this because the kids are really enthusiastic and that’s fun!” Yolanda Morales, Southwestern Heights student, said.