Perkins receives Western region award

Years of dedication have led Pamela Perkins to receive the Professional Board Staff Member award. Perkins has been working for Seward County Community College for 20 years. Perkins started at the college as an administrative assistant to the dean of instruction and has since been the administrative assistant to president since 1995. There are five regions, one of them being the Western region, and Perkins was chosen as the region winner of the Professional Board Staff Member Award. In order to receive the award, Perkins will have to travel to Amarillo, Texas, in October. While there, a winner will be chosen from the regional winners for the national award. Perkins was in Wichita when she was notified that she was the award winner for the Western region. Perkins spent 51 days in Wichita with her husband, who was hospitalized due to health problems. “It was nice thing to hear amid everything that was going on,” Perkins said. College president Duane Dunn nominated Perkins for the award by the Seward County Community College/ Area Technical School Committee Board in late spring. “I can’t think of a more deserving person,” Dunn said. “I was glad to nominate her.” In order to receive the award, Perkins had to be a member of the Professional Board Staff Network. On the PBSN, Perkins has served as president, vice president, and secretary. While she was president, Perkins became involved with eBay. The PBSN did not have a gavel, and Perkins decided she would fix that. Perkins purchased a “beautiful rosewood gavel” from eBay and passed it on at the end of her presidential term in San Diego, Calif. Besides purchasing the necessary gavel, Perkins also was involved in drafting an informational brochure because the PBSN did not have one. Perkins was also the one who started a blog for the PBSN. Perkins is involved in Saints Educational Support Staff, which is the organization on campus, a local level similar to PBSN.