Seward volleyball player excels on and off court


Pumping up to Rihanna’s music before a game is a ritual sophomore Courtney Geesing does to prep for a volleyball game. Having recently been named KJCCC player of the week, maybe jamming out to Rihanna is working for her. Geesing was named the Kansas Jayhawk Community College Conference player of the week for Sept. 12-18 this year. She commented that acquiring such recognition for her hard work was nice. “Everyone has those things they love to do, and that (volleyball) is my passion,” she said. Geesing played volleyball for the first time in seventh grade, and has played since. Though she did not initially want to play in high school, she tried out on her freshmen year and made varsity. Since then volleyball became her passion. “I look forward to doing it everyday and accomplishing stuff everyday.” Her goal is to keep improving in order to reach her full potential. A natural athlete, Geesing loves all sports. Baseball, basketball, football, outdoor and water sports are all things she enjoys. Though she has certainly earned her skills through hard work, she also has natural ability, and inherited talent. Her family has many athletes, ranging from her grandfather who played pro baseball, to her dad and uncle who played college baseball and her siblings who are also sports lovers. Geesing is from Montrose, Colo., and she says that being very family oriented and 11 hours from home is hard. She loves to spend time with her family and dog when she visits home, and she misses the mountains and sports she would participate in while there. Off court she spends leisure time watching movies and being a “rugged tomboy,” as she described herself. She loves boating, four wheeling, and simply being outdoors. She said she really likes English, and has a keen interest in sciences, like anatomy. Volleyball does take up much of her time, but she said, “I love all sports, I wish I could play like three sports, but that would be tough.” Recognition of her work keeps coming. As of Monday, it was confirmed that Geesing would receive the title of Player of the Week, yet again.