‘An Inspector Calls’ illuminates campus talent, awes audience


Silence to pandemonium. The audience jumped to their feet and the auditorium erupted in applause after Thursday’s performance of “An Inspector Calls.” “An Inspector Calls” slaps you in the face as the lives of the Birling family are examined. While their lives are picked apart, you can’t help but wonder about your own. I left the theatre that night pondering every tiny detail in my own life. Who am I? Who are these people? Are they really my friends and family, or just enigmas on the road to nowhere? The complex characters of this J.B. Priestly classic helped to display the talent of the entire cast. The inspector’s strong, demanding attitude and the sweet but witty personality of the young Sheila were the soundest parts of the play. There was one character that really stood out: the quiet and eerie Eric Birling, the drunken black sheep of the family played by J.J. Martinez. Although he was a relatively minor character, every time he was on the stage a great presence lurked in the auditorium. His dark eyes and piercing smile made his mocking personality really stand out among the other more upbeat characters. Not only was this play a great review of society and our lives, but it really brought something finer to our small community. Far different from mainstream plays such as “Romeo & Juliet,” “An Inspector Calls” takes place only in one room, making it more difficult to perform and get the point across. It really helps us appreciate fine art and recognize the talent that these young individuals have. Is your life really the way that it appears, or are you just oblivious to all of your flaws and downfalls?