One of the worst habits for a college student to have is procrastination. Instructors warn students the first day not to put off assignments until the last minute. Despite this, many college students find themselves up at 2 a.m., furiously writing out the paper they have known was due for weeks. If students can keep track of their courseload for each class and budget their resources appropriately, they can drastically reduce the stress they put on themselves. Some of the resources available to SCCC/ATS students are peer tutoring and access to the math and writing centers. Sharon Brockmann, writing center coordinator, said she was excited to open the writing center to all students and encourages students to come in, even if they don’t think they need any help. “There is no reason to be a wallhugger.” The new center has a couch, multiple plug-ins for charging and 12 new computers. Brockmann also encourages students to email her for help at anytime. “I probably won’t answer you right away if you email me at midnight, but I will answer your questions first thing in the morning.” STEM Mathematics Lab Monitor and Instructor, Derric Moore, likes for students to set up an appointment in the Math Lab for academic assistance. “We offer peer tutoring for every math class offered at SCCC except statistics.” Statistics students can still seek out help at the math lab. “Instructors can be brought in to help their students understand concepts,” Moore explained. The Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics tutoring program also runs mostly by appointment. “The best way to get ahold of me is to call,” Sonia Hernandez, the STEM academic specialist, said. “Then we can set up an appointment. I try to be very flexible.” Bilingual STEM tutoring was started in October 2013 to help ESL students with college. “I don’t do just tutoring,” Hernandez added. “For first time students coming with their parents, community members, and ESL students. I provide tours and translations with other departments.” Hernandez also helps out technical students who have trouble overcoming language barriers and Colvin Learning center students who want to move on to higher education. By using the appropriate resources and using their time effectively, students can stop screaming in frustration and start enjoying college.