Fairy tales bring false love concepts

It seems that as the years go by, the human race is becoming more advanced in everything we do. One thing I notice, though, is that love is still stuck in the dark ages. Everyday girls say that they have yet to find the right person. A person who makes them feel butterflies, or see fireworks after a romantic kiss. Yet two minutes later they complain that love is so hard to find or that the “punk” they are with is worthless. Do I dare say that we have that fairy tale vision of love and we use that as our standard for choosing the right guy in the real world? The answer, is yes. We grow up reading about Cinderella and the way she found her Prince Charming and deep down inside we hope that we too will find that knight in shining armor as well. That’s the reason that women are on a continuous search for the perfect man. After each failed relationship we as women began to build a wall in order to protect ourselves from being hurt once again or we decide that we are going to be tougher on our next boyfriend so we can teach the male society that they can’t break us down. Then we are pegged as being cold and shallow. Who is to blame men because they don’t understand our way of thinking or even women themselves because we make everything so confusing in a relationship, so confusing that we eventually drive men away? Women just want that special relationship that makes them feel like they are on top of the world. They just don’t know how to express their true feelings for that special guy. Oftentimes we think that the guy that we are with is only with us for convenience, which can many times be true. Women expect to fall in love, and continue to feel that same attraction with the person that they are in love with everyday because that is the conception we have on love. Once we find that special someone we overlook all of the deal breakers that the guy might have because just like the cliche saying goes “love is blind.” Our standards dissipate, and we fall into lust. We just need to realize that love is not what the movies or fairy tales make it seem it is. Love and finding that special someone is not that simple; especially if women and men are always thinking the worst of the opposite sex.