Love can be cruel

In a man’s search for truth and destiny he will encounter several obstacles along the way. The most common and most crucial is heartbreak. In today’s cruel society, which is filled with maniacal and manipulative women that tell a man everything that he wants to hear, just so that later she may one day rip out his beating heart and steal his soul, heartbreak is a common thing. Just the thought of that alone will make any man fold and question whether it is all really worth it. It’s a very scary thought, and unfortunately it’s the reality that many of us loving, genuine men go through. There will be times that he will want to call it quits and give up forever; retire to solitude, and if he’s so lucky be institutionalized and put in a padded room. Not even that will save him from the regret of giving up on the greatest thing that could have ever happened to him; spending the rest of his life in the presence of true love. He may wake up some mornings and just want to lay there in the dark and never see the light of day again, but I will say this from first-hand experience; pain beats regret every day of the week, so don’t let regret take place of what should have been. Its very likely that he is going to encounter numerous “false alarms” throughout the course of his search, but once he finds the “one” he will know. They say that when a man sees the love of his life, time stands still. What most men don’t know is that it really does, but that’s a whole different story. Once he experiences that moment where he lays eyes on a woman-everything else just seems to pause-and in that instant and for every instant after that, nothing else seems to matter anymore. That is when he has discovered an extremely rare commodity. Without her even saying a word to him, he already knows that he is going to spend his whole life with her, doing everything that he can, no matter what the cost is, to make her smile. He will do anything he has to do, to guarantee that one day down the road he will be able to look to his side and see that aged, but still beautiful face. And that’s what love is all about; doing everything in your power to make another person happy, because just the sight of him/her smiling makes your life worth living. But that is only one part of a man’s search for truth and destiny.