Relationships sailing around in college

Oh, relationships. Will they sink, or will they float? This depends on what your philosophy, or framework of your “boat” so to speak, says about your opinions on them. Being a college student is difficult, especially when you have a hectic schedule and seem to constantly be prioritizing your time. Busy, busy, busy, and having no time to see your babycakes is tough, or more so than that, not having enough time to find that babycakes can be tough. Sometimes it might be easier to remain single, and not have to feel like you are “U-Hauling”. This slang-term means that you rush into the relationship, and can end up feeling overwhelmed or suffocated by how quickly it progresses. Another complicated relationship, is the ol’ “friends with benefits,” famous in our day and age, and being ever popularized by the media. Then again, it’s whatever floats your boat. However, if you have a relationship, that functions well, you feel happy, and maintain a good balance between everything around you, I envy you. Your relationship is floating about contentedly. What can sink your relation-ship? Distance is a factor that may or may not effect it, so can jealousy. Everyone seems to be an acquaintance with everyone so gossip can be a detrimental factor and can in fact sink your “ship”. That’s a negative side to our small town atmosphere. Unclear motives, learning to prioritize, or even being clueless about what you are (or are not) getting into can effect the turn out of your dating life also. This is why our priorities should be kept straight. Whichever the case, one of the top priorities we have is education. After all, isn’t that the reason we are attending college? Furthering our education and remaining focused on what we do academically should be the main priority. Along with that, our families, friends, jobs and activities we devote time to should be kept high on our priority list as well. So remember, you are in control of your boat, and sometimes being single is better than being in a sinking relationship. Regardless, you are the captain of your love boat.