Photo Gallery: Amazing SLC Race

Dorm students race around town

During a time when activities are few-and-far-between, the Seward County Community College’s student living center staff came to the rescue. They sent dorm students racing all over town, doing silly activities as part of the SLC’s Amazing Race event Oct. 18.

Teams of four gather at a station to complete the activity. The beginning of the race started with everyone super competitive and together as a pack. (MonaLisa Chakraborty)
The second team reached their locations within minutes of the first team. This location was at Dorothy’s House. (Aaliyah Eaton)


Regan Watt was on team one with two other teammates. At this location, the teams had to find eight ping pong balls with their teams numbers on it. Team one got done several minutes before team two arrived. (Logan Scruggs)
Winners of the SLC Amazing Race are Melissa Crisant, freshman softball player, Regan Watt ,freshman softball player, Macy Spearman, freshman softball major and Ashley Low, freshman softball player. (MonaLisa Chakraborty)