‘Never forget’ becoming a thing of the past

It has been 11 years since the events of that tragic events of Sept. 11. As the years went by wounds heal and grief was aside, but so were the memories. “We will never forget” is a saying, but the actuality of that is slowing becoming unrecognizable to college aged students. In 2002, The Crusader did a survey concerning the events of 9/11, now The Crusader has performed a replica of that survey. Most of this year’s incoming freshman were second graders when the twin towers were attacked. Most of those students have little to no recollection of the events that occurred on that infamous day. On Sept. 11, 2001, four planes were hijacked. Two planes were crashed into the World Trade Center. The Pentagon was also hit and a fourth plane, United Flight 93, crashed in a field outside of Shanksville Pa. Nearly 3,000 people were killed in the events surrounding 9/11. Twenty eight percent of the people surveyed in 2002 knew the correct number of people who perished during 9/11. Only 14 percent of the people who were surveyed this year knew the correct number of people. Anger, fear, pain and unity were perhaps the strongest emotions that were felt that tragic day. It’s a day in American history that should never be forgotten, yet so few people know what actually happen that day. 9/11 is becoming “just another day” for our generation. Some of us remember and fewer of us know what actually happened that day. A stunning fact that arose during the survey is that only 42 percent of students knew that four planes had been hijacked that day. To some students the attacks of 9/11 had an effect on them. “I feel like the events made me appreciate my freedom, our firefighters, policemen and military so much more,”freshman Natalie Robinson said. Every American generation has to face it own challenges: 9/11 is one of ours. Information and topics about 9/11 are discussed in the English Composition I classes at Seward County Community College/ Area Technical School, requiring students to watch and analyze what happened on Flight 93. “I remember watching the video about Flight 93 in comp class, and I had no idea what had happen to those people,” said a survey participant. Many people lost their lives and some sacrificed there own for our safety. It was not only the victims who gave their lives that day, but firefighters, officers and medical workers. 9/11 is an event that should not just fade into the history books.