The Tutoring Center – A new hip place to learn


Brianna Rich

Shandon Classen teaches Sydney Wetlaufer, St. Joseph, Missouri, sophomore, Melvin Le, Liberal sophomore, and Elizabeth Horinek, Sublette sophomore, the upcoming tutors. Tutoring is available for all students for free.

Megan Berg, Reporter

New improvements to the tutoring center have been made to create a more welcoming environment for students. The director of the center, Shandon Classen, has plans to continue improvement to create further appeal to students.

I’m really excited about it! We plan to improve things over time,” Classen said. 

“I’m really excited about it! We plan to improve things over time.”

— Shandon Classen

Classen spoke about the new improvements that have been made to the center. He says that they have expanded in many ways including having more tutors this year. Classen also spoke about being open to any new ideas students may have to improve the center. 

They have also expanded tutoring into many subjects outside of just math. The tutoring center used to just be a math center, but now they do almost all subjects except for English. 

Future plans are in the works to continue improvement of the center, Classen listed off many different ideas. He wants to make the center more appealing to students by rearranging furniture, offering snacks and a coffee machine. Also by providing additional resources for different subjects such as assignment instructions, practice sheets, reference sheets and textbooks for students who don’t have their own. 

Classen has a total of seven tutors this year with the max cap being eight. They are all highly qualified peer tutors who have high GPAs and have received a B in the class they are tutoring for. 

Setting up a time to tutor is also easy as walk-ins are welcome in the library. If a student has a specific tutor they want to study with, each tutor’s email is posted outside of the center’s door along with weekly schedules. 

Melvin Lee, peer tutor at the center, helps a student in math in the tutoring center. (Megan Berg)

Students are welcome to drop in and meet up with whatever tutor is in the tutoring center, make an appointment with a tutor, or even just go study alone if that’s what they prefer,” Classen said.

The center is used for more than just tutoring. Classen invites all students to use the center as a quiet place to work and study. Teachers also plan to use the space for tests as well. 

Seward County Community College offers additional help besides just the tutoring center. On Canvas, most courses have a link called thinking storm that offers online tutoring. 

“It is a great alternative to in-person tutoring,” Classen says. 

If a student doesn’t want to talk at all, they can submit homework, and it will be looked over.