Student Government elects next year’s officers

Student Government Association elections for president, vice-president and secretary took place April 24-26. A total of 130 ballots were cast this year. It was one of the closest elections there has been in a while, according to director of student activities Wade Lyon. The two main candidates running for president of SGA were Victor Rodriguez and Jonathan Yowell, and Kelsey Cook running for vice president; however, in the end Rodriguez won the office of next year’s student government president and Jonathan Yowell will be secretary-treasurer. The candidates had two very different reasons for running for the office of SGA. “It was spontaneous,” Rodriguez said. “I was the only freshman and I was like, ‘I’ve never ran for anything.’ So I decided to run. I also felt like I needed more responsibility, so that’s also why I decided to run for president.” Yowell, on the other hand, decided to run in order to make the college and the technical school more unified. “I felt it would be good for a student from the technical school to participate and have a voice in the student government,” Yowell said. Both students have changes they would like to see happen next year with their involvement in SGA. “I hope we can update the small union we have here at the technical school,” Yowell said. “Nothing has been changed since it was first put in, so it would be good to see some upgrades done.” Rodriguez is trying to help fix problems that he’s heard students complain about around the dorms. “I’ve been getting a lot of complaints about the dryers at the dorms and how old and expensive they are,” Rodriguez said. “So next year I want to try and get them fixed or replaced and hopefully try to lower the prices.” Vice president Cook also foresees room for improvement around the campus, although this year has already seen several changes. “I hope that we can make more big changes like we did this year to the student union; change is always a good thing. Maybe we can do something in the dorms, like get new washers and dryers, but whatever it is, I hope it makes a difference,” Cook said. Rodriguez has plans to make next year a good year, and is open to suggestions and input from students in order to help fix any problems or concerns they might have. “Next year is going to be really cool, and I’m looking forward to making it a great year,” Rodriguez said. “I want students to be able to contact me if they have any suggestions or concerns.”