Enrollment numbers increase for Fall 2014

Fall 2014 enrollment numbers indicate an increase over last fall in both number of students and credit hours enrolled, according to a college news release. Celeste Donovan, dean of student services, reported that the most growth came from students younger than 18, many of them enrolled in concurrent or career program high school coursework. In 2013, there were 709 full time students, which increased by 8 percent to 763 in 2014. Fifty-two percent of the students enrolled are residents of Seward County. The amount of residents of enrolled students from Seward County increased by 6 percent since fall of 2013. For fall 2014 gender demographics, females decreased from 1,063 in the year 2013 to 1,059 for the year of 2014. In 2013, there were 735 males with an increase of 8 percent in the year of 2014 with a total of 793. In 2013, 383 high school students were taking concurrent and/or career and tech ed classes. In fall 2014, it increased by 25 percent with 455 students taking concurrent classes.