Don’t let Black Friday terrorize you like it did me


Two grown men fought over one of the best Black Friday deals that Walmart had to offer — a Smart TV normally costing around $400 but for that one day was $100. The altercations between the men got so bad that Walmart employees had to intervene because the two men were pulling the product in different directions, which was going to damage the TV. In the end, one of the men had to give in so that the altercation would finally come to an end.  

This was my first experience with the “American” Black Friday event. I experienced a crazy day with people desperately running around in the store trying to find the best prices. In my country of Argentina, we have Black Friday but it is not something that people rush to the stores. The offers are not very good. However, Black Friday in the United States is crazy and totally different, big companies offer great deals that consumers can not resist. 

The first time I attended this event I didn’t go in with high expectations because I didn’t know what I was going to find there. I was surprised when I arrived and saw a lot of offers on all of the products and so many people were there trying to buy all those products. This was one of the few times I have seen Walmart almost full. When asked about Black Friday now all I think about is walking in and seeing people running all over the place with their shopping cart full of electronics.

It was completely crazy and at one point, I was even a little scared because people were just running from side to side and some people were screaming and yelling. I decided to walk around and check out a couple of the deals and then leave and come back at a safer time. 

When I returned in the afternoon the atmosphere was much calmer. There were not so many people but of course, the best deals were gone. There were still good promotions on some products. That day I bought some JBL wireless headphones that normally cost around $50 for only $16. 

This year, Black Friday begins on Nov. 26 at 12 a.m. local time and I am ready. In order to get a product at the best price and not miss any kind of offers, I have devised a plan with tips to make it the best experience: 

  1. Be aware of the discounts all week long. Nowadays, Black Friday is not just one day and stores usually launch offers before Black Friday. Some stores even continue to do so after the traditional day, so watch all week.
  2.  Look for last year’s sales. Normally stores do the same type of discount year after year and that gives you an advantage of knowing more of what products will be on sale the following year. 
  3.  Before Black Friday some companies will take orders in advance. Making a reservation for the product you want is always a good option and that will ensure you get the product.  
  4. Make your purchases online. Online purchases have several benefits, since usually, the stores publish all the products and the sales they have, on their website. Also by purchasing online your shipping is sometimes free depending on the website.

My advice is to be prepared for the hectic day. Hopefully, you don’t end up fighting and pushing each other or making a fuss in the store for a TV.