Fellowship of Christian Athletes at Seward seeks more student involvement for future

Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a new club that was started on campus this semester. The club is non-denominational and welcomes both athletes and non-athletes, though the meetings are geared toward athletes. “The primary purpose is to see Christian athletes grow in Christ and to reach out through the arena of sports to introduce others to Christ,” Nathan Engelman, FCA sponsor, said. According to Engelman, his vision for FCA is to see a large number of students become involved in active ministry to their peers and also to see, ultimately, lives changed through the power of the gospel of Christ. Ethan Adams is a baseball player who has been coming to the FCA meetings since its beginning. “I love the lessons, and I love to hang out with everyone and talk about whatever’s going on in our lives and just relaxing,” Adams said. “It’s a great environment.” There has been an FCA at the college in the past, however, it hasn’t been continued in several years. According to Engelman, he’s using this semester for “getting it off the ground,” and plans to branch out more in coming semesters. His focus this semester is building, making people aware, and getting the word out. For the future he’d like to add games, activities and music to the bible study, while still tying in the spiritual aspect. “Hopefully, we’ll see it become a staple; become a presence that athletes who come in will notice,” Engelman said.