Art club teaches kids new skills

Children on campus learning new things might not be a regular sight, but on Children’s Art Day this is the scene. However, although the routine may be the same, the projects these children learn aren’t. Children’s Art Day is an event in which Kylix art club members help teach children new art techniques and help them on new projects. The club usually hosts one in the fall and another in the spring semester. Although this is a bi-annual event, it has something new each time. “There’s always something new. This is my fourth time doing it,” Kylix president Karem Gallo said. Despite being her fourth time helping with the event, Gallo expressed that it is always fun. “The little kids always put a smile on my face. It’s good for the kids to get creative. I’m a little sad this is my last Childern’s Art Day,” Gallo said. The projects for each Children’s Art Day varies. “This one was different because we tried a new project with kites,” Copas said. Other projects included water color resist and relief structures. Not only do the children attending learn new techniques they also learn a little bit of art history. “We also did a project based on Henri Mastisse where they learned about paper cutouts and an artist with a disability,” Copas said. The changes in projects are important as there are children who have attended past Children’s Art Day. “I really liked the different art projects,” Gunnar Geist said. Geist is a second grader at MacArthur Elementary. He said this wasn’t his first Children’s Art Day and he said he likes to do art because it makes him feel good. Even first-time attendees enjoyed Children’s Art Day such as Cottonwood Intermediate fourth-grader Saoirse Hale. “I think I wanna go back next year,” Hale said. Both Hale and Geist said their favorite project of the day was the relief structure. Childern’s Art Day is not only enjoyed by the children; the parents are also supporters of the event. “They just love these art days. My husband and I always look forward to see what the kids come up with,” Kathy Thompson, mother of twins Anneliese and Anders who often attend this event, said. Thompson also noted that she looks forward to community art events such as Children’s Art Day. “We are thankful that the college puts on this event,” Thompson said. childrens art day

SCCC/ATS students and Kylix Art Club members Karem Gallo and Rafael Sanchez help Allie Flores and Olivia Breit during Children’s Art Day, hosted by Kylix. The kids were taught new art techniques and club members helped them develop new skills and creativity throughout the day. The art day is a bi-annual event.