A Chance To Be On A Podcast: Episode 2

Hello, this is Chance Martin, and this is my second podcast (I accidently said this is my third podcast in the video).  I’m still new at podcasting, and in my eagerness I sometimes talk over my guests, and I will work on that. This episode I talk with engineering major Alexis Soto and history major Tirzah Howery.

I filmed this episode on February 24. It’s been a minute since this was filmed, and this little article hasn’t been posted until now. In the second episode my eagerness to over-talk happened too much of the time, but that’s my opinion. 

I was thinking when I went into the episode “What is my goal for this episode?” Then I thought about why I’m doing a podcast and how interesting it is to have people with different majors sit and talk and joke for a minute. I’ve known Tirzah Howery for a while and it would be nice to have her back on the show someday. But I picked her because she has very interesting and intelligent views on things. I thought it would be interesting to see why she studies history, so in this episode you can see her thoughts on her major and what the future will bring with that. 

I met Alexis Soto last semester and he is a funny charming guy that sits by Tirzah and me for choir. Alex Soto is someone else to get back on the show because when you get him talking he is a funny and interesting guy. I enjoyed him talking a little about his engineering major and what the future brings with that. 

So in conclusion I enjoy having Tirzah Howery and Alexis Soto on my show.

-Chance Martin