Comedian brings the laughs in her memoir

Kathy GriffinKathy Griffin may be someone you love or hate, but either way you know who she is, and if you know who she is, then her mission is accomplished. The controversial and two time Emmy Award winning comedian is taking no prisoners in her first foray into the the world of memoir writing. She starts the book off with an open letter to Oprah expressing interest in having her book be an official Oprah Book Club Selection. Griffin grew up in Oak Park, Ill. and was the youngest in a group of five children so it gave her the need to perform so she would be the center of attention. After graduating from high school she moved to Los Angeles with her parents and began her rocky road in the world of entertainment. She was a member of the comedy troupe the Groundlings and mentions famous comedians she worked with before they got their big break like Jeananne Garaffalo, Lisa Kudrow and Margaret Cho. Kathy finally got her big break when she got the role of restaurant critic, Vicki Groener on Suddenly Susan. After the cancellation of the show, Kathy began doing stand- up and after selling out many venues she finally got her own television show on Bravo called “My Life on the D-List.”  She gives the readers all the inside dirt like did you know she dated Jack Black before he got famous? Or that the many plastic surgeries she has had have almost killed her? She even made out with one of the members of N’Sync. Pretty deep stuff. I’m not going to lie, I only bought the book because it was 50 percent off at Hastings. After but I honestly don’t regret buying it because this book really delivered the laughs. Kathy found a great balance between the serious and the funny weaving both together flawlessly. The style of the book is fun because it feels like you are having a one on one conversation with the comedian.