Guitarist romances crowd with tango and Spanish guitar

Petar Cutout copyWhile on stage, Petar Jankovic and his guitar acted as one being, drawn together to perform a beautiful work of art. His heart goes into every note he plays, every subtle note is played dynamically, flowing together seamlessly to capture the essence of the entire piece as if he were telling a story to the audience of listeners. The first three pieces he played “Cinq Preludes”, “Sonatina in A major”, and “Astuias” were of the Spanish romantic feel. They gave the listener a calm soothing touch. The fourth piece, “Libra Sonatine”, was more upbeat with calm moments. It gave me the overall feel of a fire, starting off ablaze and as the night goes on it dies down to a soft warmth. His final performance, “Three Tangos,” was a mixture of three different styles of classical guitar. As he concluded his final performance, he was given a standing ovation from the audience. After he received his applause and the crowd was seated, he finished his concert with a final encore that was also of the tango category. Jankovic is an amazing guitarist who has mastered many different styles of play. He gave an outstanding performance as he showed us some of his most loved pieces.