16 Tips for less stress

With the spring semester almost over, college life can get a little hectic, especially when it’s time for finals. Next time you feel like a juggler with too many balls in the air or like a tornado is ripping through your brain, maybe you should give one of these stress relieving tips a whirl. 1. Laughter is the best medicine. Whether it’s watching stupid You-Tube videos or hanging out with your crazy friends, find a way to make yourself laugh. After a good laugh, you can’t not feel better. 2. Take a walk. Go with a friend or two or your dog. Not only will you feel better, but you’ll also get a bonus workout. 3. Take a nap. It’s probably unnecessary to tell a college student to nap, but if you’re not too stressed to nap it can be a nice break. Just don’t forget to set your alarm so you don’t sleep all day! 4. Pop some bubble wrap. You know you want to. 5. Listen to music. The great thing about this is you can work on homework at the same time if you’re even relatively good at multitasking. Singing along can be even more stress relieving. 6. Draw a picture or write in a journal. You don’t have to be an art or English major. Just draw or write whatever is floating around in your head at the moment. Putting your ideas on paper can get rid of a lot of stress. 7. Cook or bake something. Cookies can be fairly easy and a delicious study snack. If you don’t have an oven because you live in the dorms, make something that doesn’t require one, like puppy chow or trail mix. 8. Dance like nobody’s watching. Or better yet, dance when nobody’s watching. 9. Paint or sculpt. Don’t discard this one because you’re artistically challenged. The great thing about modern art is that it really doesn’t have to look like anything. Just tell your friends it’s abstract and represents some vague idea. 10. Get a fish and just watch him swim. If you live in the dorms where you can’t have pets, you could download a virtual fish app. A lava lamp also gives you about the same results, plus you don’t have to feed it. 11. Plant a flower. It’ll make the room more peaceful and cheerful, too. 12. Read a book. Let your mind go somewhere else and forget your own worries for a while. 13. Clean. Your room probably needs it anyway, so turn on some music and clean your room. It can relieve some of your nervous energy, and having a clean space helps you focus better. 14. Light a candle. Lavender, jasmine, rose and vanilla are all calming scents. Use a candle warmer if you live in the dorms. 15. Meditate. It sounds scary, but really all it means is take a deep breath and sit still for a minute. Focus on breathing and nothing else. 16. Stop procrastinating and study already! Here’s a no-brainer: actually doing your work means you can stop worrying about it.