Success is in sight for weight loss goal

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always been the chubby kid. I was the one who went back to get seconds when they were available in the cafeteria in elementary school, and junk food was also my best friend. I got along with Cheetos, Fritos and Doritos. I never really cared about those extra pounds I packed on when I was little because my parents always said, “you’ll get tall and even out.” Fast-forward to after 8th grade and I stayed at a sad 5-foot-6-inches, which was taller than both of my parents, yet still just average in real world standards. I did start worrying about my extra pounds the summer after middle school and started eating more salads and exercising more. I was at an ideal 150 pounds that summer, and it felt good. However, things change and I soon got a job at sandwich store filled with lots of enticing bread products and free food and soda. I also became a stressed high school student with many late nights of studying and snacking. The weight sky-rocketed to 198 pounds when I weighed myself in the beginning of this school year. I was really uncomfortable, and felt like nothing I wore really looked good. I was also concerned with the health risks that come with being overweight. I wanted to do something about it, but I just had no motivation and figured that I didn’t really have the time to be worrying about losing weight. However, I was presented with an opportunity in one of my classes to write about a goal I would like to meet. My goal, naturally, was to lose some weight. I changed quite a few things in my diet, like cutting out soda and unhealthy fast food completely, along with watching how many carbohydrates I consumed. I never saw myself working out in the past, because running in a gym just seemed so dull, but I gave it a shot, and with a few of my favorite tunes, an hour on any machine just flies by. All of these little changes helped me get down to about 160 pounds. It’s still not where I want to be, but knowing that little things in my diet along with exercise can make a difference, I believe that anyone who sets his or her mind on doing something can accomplish it. As far as my summer goes, I plan on continuing losing a few more extra pounds and staying fit by taking a kick-boxing class and get back down to 150 pounds. I recommend that people interested in losing weight find activities that interest them as a means to lose weight and observe their diets and make small changes to become a healthier person.