Redd to see Oprah Show live in Chicago

Katy Redd, behavioral science instructor, will be traveling to Chicago, Ill., to be a part of the audience of the Oprah Show Feb. 16. Redd had been trying to get tickets for the show for over a year. “Some people have been waiting for 15 years to get tickets,” Redd said. To get the tickets to the show Redd had a 24-hour window on the Oprah website to click on the date she wanted to attend. “I would just click all of the dates that showed up,” Redd said. Previously, Redd had gotten tickets to see Oprah at Oprah’s After-Oscar party at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood, Ca., Redd and a friend had arrived at the Kodak Theater early and it was already full. “We sat in the back and she was like a spot on the stage,” Redd said. “A lot of people got tickets to that so it wasn’t anything special.” Oprah has been on the air for 25 years. This season is the last season of the show.