Children brush up skills at art day


Jose Sanchez helps Ashleigh Parker, a participant of Children’s Art Day, dye her flower made of coffee filters and pipe cleaners. Children’s art day was sponsored by Kylix, and the money raised that day will go towards Kylix’s spring trip to Santa Fe, N.M., April 24-26. Other projects made that day were books, dangling ornaments, coffee filter flowers, relief sculptures, sacks to put projects in and stick people sculptures.

Kylix sponsored a Children’s Art Day for children in first through sixth grade on April 18 in order to raise funds for their spring trip.
Kylix treasurer, Jacob Riggs, believes Children’s Art Day was a good opportunity for children in the Liberal area.
“I think that each kid enjoyed it a lot,” Riggs said. “It gave them an opportunity to be creative.”
From 10 a.m.-2 p.m., 18 kids made books, dangling ornaments, coffee filter flowers, relief sculptures, sacks to put their projects in and assembled stick people sculptures.
Shaylee Wheeler, one of the art day participants, liked making the relief sculptures best because she “got to color it.”
Another participant, Anneliese Thompson, thought making the coffee filter flowers was the best part of the day. On the other hand, her brother Anders had a different idea of fun at the art day.
“My favorite part of the day is that you get to eat here,” said Anders Thompson.
The money raised during Children’s Art Day will go toward Kylix’s trip to Santa Fe, N.M., where they will visit museums April 24-26.