Mission Improvable brings the laughs

The Mission Improvable show on the Seward campus Monday started out with four improv agents known as “Agent Orange,” “Agent Party,” “Agent Dragon,” and “Agent Espionage” telling the audience they would have several improv missions through out the show, and handed out envelopes to the audience. The missions could be accepted by shouting, “I have a mission should you choose to accept it!” to the improv agent. The four guys were highly energetic and got the audience into the show by telling them they were going to shut off the part of their brains that tells them not to randomly shout out suggestions. The improv agents then proceeded to divide the audience into two halves, one being the side of lions and other side being the bears with the exception of one woman who was team prairie dog all by herself. The comedians started improvising scenes from genres that were shouted out. They ended up doing a very funny scene with two guys both being salami makers and skate boarders, which then ended up being in a drama, followed by a romance, followed by a documentary, and ending by being a broadway musical. It really was as random as it sounds. They continued with their next mission, which was to do snap jokes, insulting each other with things the audience shouted out to them. The insults included subjects from upbeat walnuts to furry fish and partying in pants. Most of the audience was laughing because most of the jokes made no sense and included very random references to anything from Star Wars to Miley Cyrus. The improv agents did other scenes, including one with an audience member participating by washing her hair for the Olympics while being from Czechoslovakia competing against a Canadian opponent, spelling random words and making sentences out of them, while two audience members handled two of the agents who were dummies. The dummies were only performing the movements the audience members decided to make them do. The show ended strongly with having pretty much everyone in the audience laugh at one point or another throughout the show. Their final skit was having one the agents guess a series of random activities the audience thought of, which were showering with ketchup instead of water, celebrating Kwanza with the Easter bunny, and bungee jumping to their death from a Brontosaurus. The audience applauded loudly to the Improv group of very funny guys, they did a very good job of entertaining the students for the evening.