Keeping hope alive with broken promises

Four years ago, America held its most historic presidential election. Now we are only months away from elections, and a lot has changed between those four years. Looking back, I remember a young, vibrate politician during the campaign that gave me the drive to be more pro-active with politics. With his charisma, hope, and motivation, President Barack Obama made the path ahead look brighter. Many plans, ideas, and promises were made to us during the campaign, but few were delivered. A fast and speedy economic recovery, closing Guantanamo, immigration reform, and a transparent administration were a few of the promises that weren’t delivered. What the president has caused by breaking some of his promises is a jaded group of supporters who are not as static as they were four years ago, and a strong opposition who wants to watch him fall. There is a deficit of support for Barack Obama because of his actions. Personally, I am not a big fan of the president’s war strategy or his non aggressive behavior towards Wall Street, and I’m partly dissatisfied with all the compromises that he has allowed. I may be disappointed with the president at times, but there has been much success in President Obama’s first term. Barack Obama did pull us out of a near depression and the economy is no longer digging the hole that it was when he was first elected into office. Although I may not agree with some of the policies and plans that President Obama has implemented, he has been very successful and has done things that keep me from losing my faith in him. President Obama’s war strategy has taken out targets that the previous administration could not, troops are now out of Iraq, and the fighting is now concentrated on more serious targets that should have been taken out earlier in the conflict. The healthcare law passed by the president’s administration contains many more benefits than people are lead on to believe. Sometimes things need a little more time to get better, and looking back, things are better than they were four years ago. He is trying his best and more people are starting to realize that. No “Average Joe” can take the responsibility of being president of the United States. I believe that there are very few people that could’ve taken the role of being president during the last four years and kept the country intact like Barack Obama did.