Now is a crucial time to stay on track

Whenever I have free time, which isn’t often, I open up my favorite book “The Perks of Being a Wallflower.” I highlight lines that make me think or, for some reason or another, give me hope that life goes on. I’d like to share with you a quote from the book that I think students should give thought to around this time of the year where things are winding down, stress levels are off the charts and people start doing things that they regret… like trying to go “muddling” in the schools empty lot.
The book’s main character, Charlie, writes this quote in a note after questioning his dreary mood and out of character actions.
“I walked over to the hill where we used to go and sled. There were a lot of little kids there. I watched them flying. Doing jumps and having races. And I thought that all those little kids are going to grow up someday. And all of those little kids are going to do the things that we do. And they will all kiss someone someday. But for now, sledding is enough. I think it would be great if sledding were always enough, but it isn’t.”
It’s so true.
We all wish that simply doing the things we love to do were enough, but it isn’t—at least not right now while we are still having to prove ourselves through our education and to the community.
We still need to get up, go to classes and do the best we can in those classes. Now isn’t a time to get “senioritis,” or in this case “sophomoritis.”
In these last few weeks of school, we all need to push ourselves to go above and beyond in all the classes we are taking whether they are classes that will actually help in the future or a class need to finish out our “gen eds.”
Do your best, because even though doing what you want is fun, it just isn’t enough.
I understand that life is short and we should spend it happy, but I also realize we have more than enough time to be happy in the future, and we should spend this time paving our paths for what’s to come.