Pretty girls and friends help finish semester

There are some girls who are just so pretty that it really isn’t fair to the rest of the world.
Perhaps they should be kept in their own separate amenities, perhaps separate bathrooms and dorm’s, teachers or even separate hallways. We should segregate the pretty people!
No, no. I’m only joking. If it weren’t for the cream of the crop, the frosting on the cake, I would have even less motivation to make it to school in the morning. I guess I owe you many thanks. So to you few, I salute. But also, I suppose that an apology is in order.
I apologize for not really listening when you complain about car, school, life and guy problems. It’s just that you have a genetic predisposition that forces males to make eye contact with you and nod in agreement to everything you say.
It’s not your fault, really, and it’s not my fault that I don’t care. That’s just my own genetic flaw. Anyway, thanks for being born perfect and awarding me something nice to gawk at while I desperately fight the urge to sleep through class. That isn’t to say I don’t appreciate the rest of you. You’ve all been superlatively entertaining. Thank you for providing me everything else, the real life essentials. The stimulating conversation, the long nights of unmentionable, less-legal activities and burger king runs. Oh, and the real friendships. That has kind of meant a lot this year. Also, to those of you who successfully made the transition form high school to college, kudos.
For me, high school in no way prepared me for what it takes to make it in college. If I had passed all of my classes for both semesters, I would have right around 35 credit hours. Right now, I’m looking at skating by with the minimum 24.
I haven’t yet figured out what it takes to do well here. I’m guessing it involves more than 30 minutes of studying a week. But hey, it worked in high school, why shouldn’t it work here? I can only hope that this was just a learning year and that I will come back swinging next year. Whether it’s college here or wherever I end up transferring, I won’t forget what I learned here and the people I met. It’s been a pleasure writing for you. Tyger, out.