Differences between finals and classes


Daisy Torres

Finals will happen soon enough and every student should make sure to be prepared. Expect long nights of studying, have coffee ready and available, along with various cans of energy drinks. For some classes, exams will either make or break your grade, so don’t take them lightly.
Very crucial information to know is the finals schedule. It does not follow the usual class hours. Each final is two hours long; meeting times are scheduled according to the day and hour of regular class meetings, so get a finals schedule and figure out your exam times slots. Sometimes final hours overlap, so make sure to make arrangements with your instructor if you happen to be one of those rare cases.
Make sure to avoid distractions such as Netflix and any social media; goodbye Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Finals will not be like past high school experiences; you can’t wing it anymore. While in high school students were handed exemptions to those who met the qualifications, but in college there is no such thing so no matter if you do very well in a class, you still have to take the final.
There is no escaping the exams. Since we’re paying for the classes, we should be driven to do well and pass the final exams to get credit, otherwise all the money spent on our education will be wasted. Early exams are discouraged, but possible. So get on with it if you have an extreme case. You are required to write out the request to the dean of instruction at least three weeks prior of the scheduled day. The final schedule can be found on sccc.edu under the academic calendar link.