Ismael Barragan

What does “New Year, New Me” mean to you?


, reporter

With the New Year comes a new you. Ismael Barragan believes that “New Year, New Me” means glowing up- bettering and improving yourself. For 2017 Barragan plans to glow up in every aspect of life. He plans to focus on bettering himself physically and financially. For 2016, one resolution was to physically improve, and he did not follow through. He has already begun going to the gym and he knows he will follow through. Improving financially will be hard work. Barragan says “I was working at Asian Express toward the end of 2016. The restaurant ended up getting closed down and everyone got laid off.” Looking and applying for a job is easy, mentions Ismael, but he hasn’t heard back from any of the places he has applied at. During the summer he plans to work in construction to earn some money to transfer to K-State. Barragan will be graduating in the spring and hopes to keep his GPA at a 3.0.