Thomas Covert

Social Sciences — Chamisal, NM

Brynn Grieshaber, Co-Editor

“My favorite period of my life was when I was part of the Iron Motor Motorcycle Club.

I prospected for them for about a month and a half, and I met some really nice people from all over the Midwest; Colorado, South Dakota, Minnesota, places like that. I traveled a lot.

I learned more about motorcycles and how to deal with 1 percenter clubs like the Men of Mayhem or The Sons of Silence.

It matured me a lot. I had to not only watch out for myself but for other people around me. I think it helped me understand that there are so many other different groups and sub cultures out there in the world that don’t get looked into or have a negative stereotype. Like when you say “biker” you automatically think of Hells Angels. It’s not just them, there are other little groups that come apart from that.

It was just a really fun time for me.”