SCCC remains undefeated at the Greenhouse


Angel Meza

Esmadar Tavares prepares to set the ball to Giovanna Tapigliani. The Lady Saints remain undefeated on their home court.

Angel Meza, Sports Editor

Once again, the Lady Saints manage to sweep another opponent at the Greenhouse. The Lady Saints kept their momentum rolling after defeating Dodge City on Monday, Oct. 9. The No. 5 Lady Saints demolished Cloud County Community College on the night of Oct. 11. SCCC finished Cloud County in three remarkable sets.

In the beginning of set one, Cloud County showed no fear against SCCC by keeping the score close. After crazy amounts of spikes coming from the Lady Saints, they began to start taking control of set one.

Mariana Nascimento was the key player for set one, by having six points; four coming from her kills and two from blocks. Even though set one looked close in the beginning, Seward came out with a 25-19 win.

For set two, the Lady Saints showed Cloud County why they are ranked fifth in the nation. As Seward showed no mercy for Cloud County, neither did the fans. The student section cheered the Lady Saints for every highlight that was performed.

The fans seemed to show much love for Luz Sierra as they cheered and yelled for the Lady Saints to dominate Cloud County. Sierra, Giovanna Tapigliani, and Nascimento had two points a piece. The Lady Saints finished the second set with a score of 25-19.

In the final set, the Lady Saints seemed to struggle but quickly recovered from their unusual errors. Seward was up 22-9. Two straight striking Tapigliani kills followed by a Sierra kill gave Seward the easy victory, 25-9.

Our serves and passing were our strongest points tonight. We were able to get a lot runs and we were able to run a good offense from the passes,” Coach Thais Allen said .

After an incredible win, the Lady Saints finished with a .434 hitting percentage, 9.0 blocks, 26 digs, and 11 aces. Tapigliani finished with a .632 hitting percentage and 12 kills. Nascimento finished with a .500 hitting percentage and 9 kills of her own.

Upsetting Cloud County marks the Lady Saints 23 straight victory. After tonight’s game, Seward stands with a 26-1 overall and 11-0 in conference. We are definitely seeing history in the making here in Liberal.

“With all the pressure from being ranked fifth in the nation, we talked about turning the pressure into a challenge. Take every game as a challenge,” Allen said .

The Lady Saints will be back at the Greenhouse on Saturday, Oct. 14, to compete against Pratt Community College at 6:30 p.m.