Louie’s Place is a work in progress


Angel Meza

Other than candy bars and different snacks, they also supply homemade foods. The cookies are handmade and are prepared out of 3 lb of chocolate.

Angelica Alfaro and Alondra Trevizo

Need a quick snack? Head on over to Louie’s Place. There are several snacks to choose from chips to pizza. Need a boost? Louie’s Place has you covered with coffee and hot chocolate.

Overall, Crusader ranks Louie’s Place 4 out of 5 stars. Having somewhere to go and have a quick snack is a good addition to campus. 

Louie’s Place just recently opened, but is still a work in progress. New signs are to come to make the place feel more as a cafe and be known as Louie’s Place. There are several things to come, along with a freezer for ice cream sandwiches and other goodies.

The Crusader staff tried out Louie’s Place to let Seward County Community Community know the goods and bads. Our first impressions weren’t that great, because there was no pricing and the place was still a bit empty that more could be added. Once we heard that there was much more to try we were excited. 

Angel Meza
Jerry Odle, Great Western Dining, said students always ask for “a big ass cheeseburger”, so he now has BIG AZ cheeseburgers on stock.

Need more than a snack? Louie’s Place has different topping pizzas, chimichangas, and corn dogs. The corn dogs also come in a spicy flavor, which are pretty good.

The pizza being sold was okay. The crust was a bit hard, but the pizza was tasty for food on the go. The toppings of the pizza varied. There wasn’t pepperoni, but there was canadian bacon.

The Crusader got the chance to try Louie’s cookie and most thought it was a very good cookie. It’s more than your average small cookie. The last bite was the best for all of us. Definitely goes good with a cup of coffee. 

Our favorites were the cookie and corndogs.

The Crusader Staff picked up some snacks while visiting Louie’s Place. Jerry Odle was nice enough to provide the food and snacks on the house.

One downfall that the staff noticed is that there were no prices. There is a section where there are snacks such as pop tarts, Cheetos, granola bars and more to pick from. If you’re not sure about pricing, just ask. The ladies on duty are friendly and ready to help.

It’s like a small convenience store. It’d be easy for any student on the go to stop by and get a quick snack. If you have some time, get something to eat and enjoy it while watching some t.v. or play some ping pong after eating.