The Crusader

The events before Mexico

December 10, 2019

Thinking it was safe to tell his mom the truth, Laurens leaped but fell into the abyss of what was a trick. Once he told her, “She fainted and then when I tried to hug her she pulled away from me,” Laurens said.  With unsure glances, Laurens told his story quietly. This could be rooted from the feeling that he had m...

Accidents happen

December 6, 2019

The last thing Jacobs remembers before ending up in Wichita’s Wesley Medical Center was turning off cruise control and down shifting. On June 5, 2012, Jacobs drove down highway 50 just two miles outside of Coolidge. He lost control of the large semi as he choked on a mint. His truck hit the guard rail, and flipped over to...

Taking the class

December 6, 2019

Hernandez was a truck driver before becoming an instructor at SCCC. He hauled loads for oil field companies and says he somehow ended up becoming an instructor at Seward. In his class, the students begin learning from the handbook. Once they complete the book, Hernandez sends his students to take the test at the Department of M...

What it takes

December 6, 2019

Anyone can be a truck driver, but not everyone can have what it takes. Manuel Hernandez, SCCC CDL and truck driving instructor from Liberal, says that this is a job you must genuinely like to do it full time.  “If you don’t like your job, you won’t be able to handle all that comes with it. It can be tough being away, ...

El Pastorcito

Kris Liggett and Josh Swanson

October 29, 2019

At El Pastorcito, we purchased 5 soft tacos, 3 barbacoa and 2 carne asada, for $5 even.  There, we ordered from our car, and the waitress brought the food out to us in a relatively short amount of time. Then we rushed back to Crusader headquarters at SCCC to peep this one out.  From the moment we unraveled our mea...

Garden Of Eatin’ (Southwest Medical Center cafeteria)

Annette Meza and Preston Burrows

October 29, 2019

Garden Of Eatin’ is the cafeteria at Southwest Medical Center in Liberal. Anybody is welcome to eat for a small price. During lunch and dinner times, they serve a main entree. If you don't want the main entree, you have the choice of ordering other options from the menu, like hamburgers, grilled cheeses, fries, ham and cheese sandwich...

Taco Bell

Cheyenne Miller, Rebecca Irby, and Maggie Ibarra

October 29, 2019

At Taco Bell, we were able to get enough food to feed several people, perhaps a whole family, for $5 and some change.  We got two tostadas, and they were pretty good, but the lettuce tasted off, like it wasn’t quite fresh. The bean and rice burritos were filling, but you could definitely tell that they were made with cheap fast f...


Cheyenne Miller, Rebecca Irby, and Maggie Ibarra

October 29, 2019

For $5, we were able to purchase two McChickens and two cheeseburgers. We think they both tasted pretty good. The chicken wasn’t as crispy as most people would prefer but in terms of flavor, it was nice--very moist, too. The cheeseburger was filling, but there was definitely more bun than meat, and it was honestly pretty small.  ...


Calen Moore and Monica Gonzalez

October 29, 2019

We went to Wendy’s with only $5 to see what we could buy. When we walked in, we noticed that the restaurant itself was very nice and clean. The employee’s acted with a sense of urgency. The store manager, Manuel Amaya, took our order and was delighted to find out about the review we were conducting.  “[Wendy’s] is ...

The SCCC cafeteria and Louie's Place will have a new rule for students who have a 19 meal plan. Students will now be able to eat at Louie's Place for breakfast, lunch and dinner if they please and that one meal will be counted towards the meal plan.

Louie’s Place set to gain meal equivalency rule for SCCC students with meal plan

September 23, 2019

A recent delay occurred at Louie’s Place, the grab and go food service at Seward County Community Coll...

The internet and server went out for the second time in the middle of classes on Aug. 28. Kris Liggett, Ness City Freshman, was like everyone else on campus and had to switch from wifi to using his phone data to get things done.

Students experience internet, server catastrophe

September 4, 2019

On Aug. 19 and 28, Seward County Community College experienced internet outages. The first one happened...

When the internet goes out, everyone has to get creative to teach and get their jobs done. Students in the TRIO office were still able to do math via a wire connection to the smart screen.

Outage impacts SCCC staff

September 4, 2019

While an internet outage may seem like only a minor concern to some, the routines of many staff memb...

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