SGA prez puts gavel down

Edgar Rosales is involved in his school. Some could make the argument that he is the most involved student at Seward County Community College/ Area Technical School. In his time at Seward, Rosales has been the Student Government Association president, a yell leader, a HALO member and will graduate as a presidential scholar. Rosales will receive his associate of science degree with an emphasis in pre-engineering. Rosales will continue his schooling at West Texas A&M University, where he will be working toward his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. He is in a relationship with Mariel Rodriguez and they have plans to get married in August before the fall semester begins. After getting married, Rosales plans to move to Amarillo, Texas, and begin his junior year at WT. As the Student Government president, Rosales pushed for excellence. He took on the initiative to improve the student union and was able to meet students’ concerns with all new furniture and other improvements. Rosales was convinced by the cheerleaders to join their squad as a yell leader because he offered them a strong body and a passion for Seward County Saints athletics. Being a former football player at Perryton High School in Perryton, Texas, Rosales knew what it was like to have support and school pride and enjoyed his time as a yell leader on the sidelines. Rosales turned down a football scholarship at Oklahoma Panhandle State University to stay at Seward to finish his degree. “Football meant a lot to me,” Rosales said. “I just couldn’t leave Seward after one year. I wanted to stay and graduate.” Despite not playing any college athletics, Rosales participated in intramurals. The intramural football team that he was on this year finished second in the overall standings. His favorite memory here at Seward involves intramurals. “My favorite memories are all the intramural sports I was able to play with my friends,” Rosales said. “We had a lot of fun out there acting like we were back in high school again.” Rosales was a presidential tour guide for the college in the first semester of his freshman year, but was unable to continue being a tour guide because of the class load that he was taking on, which involved Calculus I, II, and III. Rosales has fond memories of Seward and has been involved in many things. He has also tried to make his impact felt on the campus with the changes to the union and scheduling entertainment. Some of the things that Rosales has done will be felt by students in future years. As they admire the furniture in the student union, they will hopefully hear of the good things that Rosales did for the college. All of his accomplishments are not to overshadow the fact that Rosales was driving home nearly every weekend so that he could work for the oil company to keep some money flowing into his pockets. Rosales thinks highly of SCCC/ATS. “I enjoyed my time here at Seward,” Rosales said. “It has helped me in going forward with my future.”

Crusader photo/ Landry Mastellar Edgar Rosales poses for a picture at a local football field. Rosales turned down a football scholarship to attend Seward.
Crusader photo/ Landry Mastellar
Edgar Rosales poses for a picture at a local football field. Rosales turned down a football scholarship to attend Seward.