Saints eat up as outdoor temperatures heat up


Rochelle St. Amand, who recently moved to Liberal, returns from a bike ride to Wal-Mart to purchase groceries.

Fresh foods, like chilled fruits and vegetables, seemed like a welcomed relief from the hot days of thesummer that delivered relentless heat. College students still seemed to crave a variety of foods, from fresh salads to sandwiches, flavored ice cream, and the all-time favorite, pizza.

Spencer Browne’s has some of the best salads in town. Strawberry Poppyseed Salad and Turkey Twist are the top two favorites salads.

“I have probably had every salad on the menu,” freshman Alejandra Gonzalez said. “Not one of them has failed to refresh my mouth from this dry summer heat.”

Even the intense heat did not stop student Ton Nguyen from eating some warm food. He took the easy way out. “I was too lazy and it was too hot, so I just ordered pizza,” Nguyen said. Thanks to Pizza Hut’s delivery and Ruffinos carry-out, Nguyen was able to find his way around the heat and still enjoy some warm food.

Staying healthy and eating fresh is how freshman Ramon Sanchez kept up with his health this summer at Subway. The Chicken, Bacon, Ranch, and Buffalo Chicken sandwich were his usuals. No arguing with Sanchez, because the Chicken, Bacon, Ranch sandwich was one of the top three sellers along with the Italian BMT this summer.

Some students cooled down from the heat with some ice cream of many different flavors like butter pecan, orange sherbet, even birthday cake. Braum’s Ice Cream and Dairy Stores, here in Liberal, alone has around thirty different flavors of ice cream. Adding up everyone’s visits to their favorite ice cream shop, you end up with the International Dairy Foods Association (U.S Ice Cream Industry) making more than twenty-one million dollars in annual sales. July seventeenth is the biggest money making day throughout the whole year.

“There is not one excuse anyone could use to not go out and eat with me at Taste of China, because they have everything,” sophomore Brisa Ortiz said. Killing more than two birds with one stone, Ortiz eats at Taste of China because of the great variety of foods, such as pizza, salad, ice cream, fruit, and desserts of all sorts. Ortiz ties it all together with all of the favorite summer foods at Taste of China.