Lady Saints recognize faculty and staff at home volleyball game

Monday night at the Green House, with fans from both Seward County and Garden City, the staff and faculty of SCCC/ATS was recognized for all that they do. For the first time in school history, the volleyball players wrote about what they enjoy most about their instructors and everybody else that has a role in their educational process. “I think it’s really great, I think it’s fun that our students support our staff, and our staff supports our students,” said president Duane Dunn. Members of the staff and faculty received special raffle tickets, and were given the opportunity during intermission to make their way down to the court, and serve volleyballs over the net, to win Seward County volleyball T-shirts. At only her second game student records clerk, Lavena Davis, was the winner of an elegant bright Lady Saints T-shirt. Post game, the staff and faculty that was in attendance was invited down to the court to take a rather large group photo with the victorious Lady Saints. ­