‘An Inspector Calls’ to be performed Oct. 6-8

“Historically, this is always the scariest part of the process,” said a composed Alison Bridget Chambers of this stage of rehearsals. Don’t worry too much though; Chambers and her young cast have been relentlessly preparing for the opening performance of “An Inspector Calls” and they don’t plan to slow down until the final performance on Oct 8. Rehearsals are progressing, sets and costumes are complete, and the lines performed with a sophisticated British accent are really coming together. “Things are going as good as they possibly could rehearsal wise,” commented Daniel Hightower. Coming down the home stretch, the rookie actor feels very confident about himself, and his fellow cast members. Suffice to say, things are going unusually well. But the road to where they are now was not always a smooth one; there were a few minor speed bumps. The biggest of all was the loss of several understudies who dropped not only the play, but the class as a whole. “I don’t take it personal; it happens in every show,” Chambers said, shrugging off the comment. “We were struggling a little bit at first, but we had great confidence and pulled it together. We’ll do great,” actress Mayra Vasquez stated confidently. With the most difficult phases and transitions in the past, it looks like a straight shot to the wire from here. “It’s going to go great, if it goes as planned,” said Mabely Guzman Gonzalez. Performances start Oct. 6 and will run until Oct. 8; an additional performance may be added on Oct, 9. Tickets are on sale in the humanities office for $6 and $8 dollars and are free to SCCC/ATS students with a valid student ID. For additional ticket information call, 417-1451.