Hall of Fame coming to Seward athletics

A Hall of Fame is headed to Seward. The Hall should feature the best of Seward County athletics history. Seward County Sports Information Director Roy Allen explained, “Seward County has by-laws in place now, which should allow the first Hall of Fame Banquet to be held April 20, 2012.” We’ve been working on this since, really, the end of last year. All of this was put into place towards the end of the summer.” The Hall will be a physical display and will be held in one of two locations. “The committee is working on it. The display will either be on the west side of the gym, where the old concession stands are, or on the northeast side, where the current concession stands are. “Plans are to have a plaque for each inductee, organized by class.” The Hall isn’t exclusively for Seward players, either. “Players, coaches, administrators, boosters, entire teams, or any athletic supporters may be included in the Hall of Fame.” Besides having the likes of eventual NBA and NFL players attending, Seward has also had three NJCAA coaches of the year and a national championship team. “This is a long time overdue, what with Seward’s long history of athletic excellence.” Committee members will nominate the Hall’s first members Jan. 7, 2012, during the first home basketball game of the season. For more information, head to scccsaints.com, where users can also nominate an athlete of their choice.