Joe Biden


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Joe Biden is the Democratic candidate for President. His running mate is Kamala Harris.

Joe Biden, 77, is the democratic candidate for president. He enters the race as the 47th vice president of the United States. He has also served six terms as a senator from Delaware. He was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania and currently resides in Wilmington, Delaware. His running mate is Kamala Harris.

 College affordability (student loans, loan forgiveness, etc.)

Joe Biden plans to rebuild the backbone of the United States by making college affordable for every college student who lives in a household that makes less $120,000 a year. Meaning free college tuition for people in struggling homes and minorities.

Racial Justice

Joe Biden’s plan for racial equality starts with wage disparities between minorities and the majority. He plans on eliminating such gaps. He also plans on making education more accessible to minorities and eliminating the inequity minorities face in our education system.

Environment/climate change

Joe Biden’s stance on climate change is to use a government-approach that relies heavily on science and data. He also plans on spending 2-trillion on technology that would help reduce CO2 emissions in the foreseeable future.

Gun Control

Joe Biden plans on creating a buy-back program for assault weapons, and plans on limiting the number of guns citizens can own and buy in a month. He also wants to prohibit citizens from buying guns, parts, and ammunition from online sources.

Gender Equality and pay gap

Joe Biden plans on providing women, especially women of color, more opportunities in our nation. He plans on doing this by investing in small companies owned by women and also by providing equal pay to women who are more likely to make disproportionately less than their male counterparts. He also wants to expand healthcare benefits for women, especially single mothers.


Biden vows to protect abortion rights and make Roe v. Wade “the law of the land,” if he gets elected to be president and make abortion more accessible to everyone


Joe believes in affordable healthcare for everyone and he will give Americans the option of having Obamacare or medicare. He will stand up against big drug corporations to fight the abuse of power. Biden will also donate more money to help find cures for diseases like cancer


Biden is for immigration and he plans to pursue policies that safeguard our security and enhance our economy by undoing Trump’s damage to the immigration standards. Biden also plans to reclaim America’s values, making a commitment to the asylum seekers and refugees who need shelter.

Campus Sexual Assault

Biden plans to push legislation that forces schools to improve their reporting systems and practices including an anonymous reporting policy and amnesty policies for survivors.