Guitarist brings classical string venue to campus performance


The classical guitarist’s concert will be at 7 p.m. Sept. 21 in the Showcase Theater. Admission is free but free-will donations are encouraged and will go toward the Development Foundation for Seward County Community College/Area Technical School scholarships. Jankovic’s concert will center around Spanish music, which he says is one of his favorites and he is excited to play at the college. “I’ve never been there,  but I have played shows in Oklahoma before,”  Jankovic said of his upcoming trip to Liberal, which will present him approximately 15 hours of driving from Indiana.  “Sometimes I choose to drive because it’s easier and you’re touring, so you have to be on the road and I can enjoy all the scenery.”  Jankovic is originally from Belgrade, Yugoslavia (now Serbia), and he began his music career early. “I started when I was 7 years old. We start music education the same time as elementary school,” Jankovic said. “Then I went on to college.”  Jankovic earned his master’s degree at Indiana University in the Jacobs School of Music and was offered a teaching position after finishing grad school. “This is one of the top places in music, there are probably others on the East Coast or New York but it’s the place you want to be, one of the top places in classical music,” Jankovic said. Jankovic was brought to the SCCC/ATS by the music department along with the help of student services. “It’s important to not only bring culture to the campus but anytime you can get a professional to come to Liberal is a great thing,” music instructor Darin Workman said. “I’m very excited because, coming from a college town to southwest Kansas, I started to miss watching pros live. Here you have to go to Dallas and Denver to see something like this,” Workman said. Jankovic will also host a Guitar Master Class at 2 p.m. on Sept. 21 in Room H148. Jankovic, who still teaches at Indiana University, finds great joy in both performing and teaching. “These two things feed one another and both are equally important,” Jankovic said. “You need two different approaches, teaching is verbalizing, explaining, and it helps me because when I verbalize something it helps me better understand. But performing helps me teach my students, they are both integral.”  Those interested can find more information on Jankovic online at