Vocal music instructor heads for Oklahoma


Just as the final curtain call has been given for ‘Nunsensations,’ Lori Geis, vocal music instructor, is about to teach her final lessons at the college and conduct her final spring concerts, since she has submitted her resignation.
Geis is leaving the college to get her doctorate degree at the University of Oklahoma.
“Something just told me this was the right time.”
If Geis does not go back to school, it will be hard for her to advance her career.
“Most universities in general will not hire people without a doctoral degree. It’s the only way I can move up,” Geis said.
Teaching at the four-year college level appeals to Geis because of a picture she has in her head.
“My ultimate thing I can see in my head, is having a choir of like 500 people. I just think that would be so awesome.”
During Geis’ 13 years at the college, she has helped to build the music program.
“I really appreciate what she has done with building our program up,” commented Cynthia Rapp, dean of instruction.
One of the ways that Geis has improved the program is that she developed the show choir.
This year two concerts are on the agenda. The Formal Concert is April 30 and the Pops Concert is May 2. Both plays will be in the Showcase Theatre at 7:30 p.m.
Students are admitted to the concert for free and a ticket for anyone else is $2.
Geis feels that the concerts showcase the hard work that the choir puts into their classes through their final products.
“The public really seems to enjoy the shows,” said Hilary Anderson, choir student.
Another activity that Geis has implemented into the program is trips. Since she has been at Seward, the group has been on five. Geis would like to see the music department continue to take trips. She feels that it adds to students’ resumes.
“I’m happy for Lori. She has the chance to go on and advance herself musically. The college will miss her, and it’ll be really hard to replace her. I think a lot of people have taken her for granted and now they’re gonna see what life’s like without her,” said Sergio Padilla, Geis’ work study and choir student.
In addition to putting on the concerts, she helps with the musical every year. Since Geis has worked at the college, she has performed in two of the college productions.
In the most recent production that Geis helped direct, ‘Nunsenstations,’ she played the Reverend Mother, the lead role.
“I have never had more fun in all my life on stage,” said Geis. “It was a heck of a way to go out.”
When Geis first started out she wanted to perform. It was her need for a job that lead her to her current teaching job at the college. She ended up liking teaching. In fact, working at the college has inspired Geis to work at the four-year university level.
Leaving is going to be bittersweet for Geis.
“It’s going to be a tearful event. Thinking about it makes me sick.”
She has been debating about going back to school for the last five years. She finally made up her mind last summer.
The reason Geis remained at the college for the 2008-2009 year because she had already signed her contract and wanted to honor her commitment. Plus the paperwork to attend school to earn a doctorate takes around a year to complete.
Before she attends OU, she plans to establish residency in Oklahoma.
While she works on this, she will start teaching in Marlow this summer.
In 2010, Geis plans to start attending classes. While doing this she will continue to teach in Marlow.