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The student news site of Seward County Community College

Crusader News

The student news site of Seward County Community College

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Navigating to a class on a cold, snowy day is a challenge Portillo faces daily. Since some classrooms are in different buildings, she has to drive across campus outside.

Equality in the classroom

Megan Berg and Laura Gillespie
April 4, 2022

Weaving through chairs and desks while trying to find a spot in the classroom can be difficult in a wheelchair. Natalie Portillo, an elementary education...

The E-boutique was originally started by Lisa Kennedy, a former instructor, and she started the boutique because she wanted to help students get proper attire for their first impression interviews or even any formal event. The Phi Beta Lambda club now runs it and their hours are Thursdays from 12:30-2:00 p.m.

PBL brings fashion to aid students’ future

Dani Arellano and Melvin Le
March 29, 2022

As college students continuously deal with many different obstacles during their academic careers, many might find themselves wanting a part-time job....

After a reported allergic reaction by a student, there has been a realization that the cafeteria needs labels which say what is in certain foods. If there were labels, it would save many students from having to worry about what is in the foods.

Labels save lives

Ashanti Thompson, Reporter
March 23, 2022

Under the fluorescent lights and above the checkered tiled floor of Seward County Community Colleges’ cafeteria, a student picked up a seemingly harmless,...

Some SCCC students are spending time in the mountains and others are going home to see family.

Students are planning spring break

Ashanti Thompson, Reporter
March 11, 2022

For Seward County Community College, spring break vacation is finally here. Now is the time to catch up on studies, find a new hobby or honestly just relax...

While Jaxon Rios has free time, he enjoys spending time with his girlfriend, Audra Langley. She thinks Jaxon is a wonderful dad, and that everything he does is for her.

Rios balances college while co-parenting

Melvin Le, Reporter
March 8, 2022

Being a parent means to Jaxon Rios, a pre-engineering major from Santana, that he now has to balance school, work, Quiz Bowl, and on top of everything,...

Jeffrey Nagell first learned that he liked to teach others about the Bible when he was just in high school. When SCCC was looking for a New Testament teacher, he went straight to Darin Workman to talk to him about the job.

Preaching vs. teaching

Salina Byrd, Reporter
March 7, 2022

Students' chatter fill the classroom. Their teacher commences his lecture and all goes quiet. They listen as he enlightens them about the history of the...

Many students who work and do school would agree it can be stressful but also say it is worth it. Brianna Mangels is a nursing major who works full-time for the Cascade Nursing Agency. Mangels has been working for Cascade for two and a half years and her advice to anyone who is wanting to work while going to school is “To know your limits.”

It’s a balancing act

Jessica Madrigal, Reporter
March 3, 2022

Going to school and working is an impossible thought for some people, however for others, it's reality.  Working and going to school is not for everyone...

Art Education major, Nicole Piper is from Hugoton. Piper learned to crochet when she was 12 years old and she has been crocheting for six years now.

Crochet is the next fidget spinner

Megan Berg, Reporter
February 28, 2022

Ever since COVID and quarantine hit the world, students have been coming up with interesting hobbies and activities to pass the time. Nicole Piper, an...

CMC encourages spiritual growth

Reece Hay, Reporter
February 25, 2022

Are you looking to grow spiritually? CMC is a place for fellowship, growing a deeper relationship with God and a place to worship. “It’s a place...

Locked in during the first quarter, Tatum Winters scans the court in search of the ball to prepare the stats. Working behind the bench, she hovers over the digital court on the screen ready to input if a shot is made or missed.

Who really runs the court?

Ashanti Thompson, Reporter
February 23, 2022

Seward County Community College athletes are involved in every aspect of the game from photos to athletic training and even behind the scene work....

Autry Coleman has lived through two historical times in the US- segregation and integration. Coleman shares his experiences and thoughts with Seward County Community College students.

Impacts of segregation to integration

Megan Berg, Reporter
February 22, 2022

Even though breaking down the barriers of segregation was a step forward for the United States against racism, those who lived through it—like Autry...

 Logan Dodge shows Karia Groves, both from Liberal, how to hold the strands of hair so they don’t get lost.

The art of French braid

Reece Hay, Reporter
February 21, 2022

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