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Arturo Martinez

Arturo Martinez

February 25, 2020

Who inspires you? Why? Russel Orhii. He inspires me everyday because fitness is a big part of my life ...

Hayden Marties measures ingredients for a lab project making soap. For many chemistry II students, it was trial and error. Calculations had to be made to make sure the right combination of oil and lye was mixed. Too much lye is could cause burning to skin.

Chemistry students design, create soaps

April 25, 2019

When most people think of chemistry, images of complicated equations and strange, dangerous chemical...

 Ready Player 1 won silver and qualified for state. It was presented by Ian Garretson and Jonathan Froese to Haydeb Martubez, one of many volunteered judges from SCCC.

Young scientists exhibit experiments on campus

March 4, 2019

Young scientists brought their research to Seward County Community College on March 2 for the Southwest...

College breaks ground for Food Science & Safety program addition

College breaks ground for Food Science & Safety program addition

April 2, 2015

Construction of a new laboratory specifically designed for the Food Science and Safety program started...

Artificial intelligence trying to make people obsolete

September 27, 2011

Did you know that it cost 10 dollars to have an article written by artificial intelligence. Narrative Science is a technology firm based in Chicago, IL and has a little more than a decade of research. When people hear the term “artificial intelligence,” they think of something with no emotion or personality, like a robot....

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