McFerren strong on court, smart in class

Bailey McFerren is a volleyball star at Seward County Community College/Area Technical School, but McFerren has also been a basketball player and valedictorian. McFerren is the middle hitter/outside hitter for the Saints volleyball team and was recently announced as the Jayhawk West Player of the Week. Outside the fact that McFerren plays volleyball and goes to school, she is like most college students her age. She enjoys sleeping, eating and spending time with her friends. Aubree Young, a teammate, roommate and close friend of McFerren, said, “Bailey is definitely a leader and not a follower. She does her own thing and doesn’t follow anyone but herself. I love that fact about her.” McFerren is one of the six sophomores who are playing on the volleyball team. “We will be the team to beat,” said McFerren about how the team will stand this season. McFerren was born and raised in Branson, Colo., but played sports in Kim, Colo. She has played volleyball and basketball all her life, helped her team win at state basketball and was announced player of the year in high school. McFerren is just as strong academically as she is physically. McFerren was valedictorian at her high school. She is currently a sophomore at Seward where she is majoring in physical ed, but is also looking at other majors. McFerren’s favorite class is P.E. with assistant baseball coach Mike Davidson. McFerren explained that the reason she came to Seward was because the school is not to far from her home. “It has a great volleyball program and the classes are small.” McFerren’s future plans and goals are to graduate from Seward, transfer somewhere out of Kansas to play volleyball and get a bachelor’s degree. After getting her bachelor’s degree, she hopes on settling down in a small town and “playing grown up,” McFerren said. People can watch McFerren and the rest of the Lady Saints play in upcoming matches, where her father might be at the game yelling loudly, “Bring the hammer!”