Broadcasting new angle for athletes

Every dunk, spike, run and point is now being streamed online at Seward County Community College/Area Technical School. The Saints athletic department, with the help of students in Practicum in Sports Management class, is streaming volleyball matches online. Regular season home games of baseball, women’s and men’s basketball, softball and volleyball are streamed online. Last year, the Lady Saints volleyball match against Colby was the first of the matches to be broadcasted. “Technology is evolving everyday and we needed to keep up with it,” Sports Information Director Roy Allen said. Hardwires were recently installed by the IT department in the Green House to make it easier for the games to be broadcasted. With a laptop and a camera, students in Practicum in Sports Management run the broadcast of the matches. “The cool thing about filming is catching that one awesome play on camera, and knowing you can go back and watch it,” Jack “T.J.” Looney, a student in Practicum in Sports Management, said. Looney has helped film and broadcast 16 games in the last year. Occasionally, Saints games that are close to Seward County get filmed and are put online. Matches that are played at the Green House, but do not feature the Saints, are streamed online for a fee. The funds from those matches help pay for site hosting or other expenses. “It was intimidating at first, but now everything can be set up in five minutes,” Allen, about beginning to stream the Saints matches online said. “The videos are great because they give exposure our athletes. Instead of pictures we can show videos to coaches who are wanting to recruit them,” Allen said. Seward is one of the few colleges in Kansas that covers and streams sporting events online. Fans can view archived matches that were streamed online, for free, by going on, finding the sport that they are interested in and clicking on the home match that they want to view. An account with does have to be created in order to view the matches, but it is free to join. All Saints matches, both archived and live, are free to view. The next live match to be stream will be the Lady Saints volleyball match against Cloud County tonight. The match will also be Kids Inc. Night for those attending it at the Green House, the match begins at 6:30 p.m.