Seats are empty at free school activities


Students watch as the Dash for Dollars host explains the rules of the game. Although students attended the Dash for Dollars event, the majority of the seats were empty. Crusader photo/ Morgan Allaman

Our view…
Students need an escape from the claustrophobic chaos of dorm life, so the college provides programs. You’d think they’d be packed with students, but not so much.
SGA pays to bring in comedians, hypnotists, air brush tattoo artists and tons of other interesting activities, but empty chairs greet many programs instead of crowds.
From an outside view, the college is doing a fine job providing everything from intramural sports to a dash for dollars money giveaway, where attending students performed simple, trivial tasks and were rewarded large bills for their efforts. Seriously, somebody had to put on an oven mitten and stack three small wooden blocks. The person made twenty bucks for doing it. How cool is that? Free money, and only around forty students showed up for it.
This isn’t the first time attendance to school hosted entertainment has been lackluster, out of nearly 1,900 students, only about 100 or so ever attend the events. Why is the turn out so low? This is something only the students themselves can explain.
Could it be we fear silly or childish entertainment like that which we could only ever expect during our high school and grade school years? If that’s the case, stacking blocks may be taking a leaf out of a toddlers book, but $20 is $20 and in the economic turmoil we find ourselves in, it just doesn’t pay to pass up opportunities like this. So we as a staff encourage all of you to go to the next school funded event and stack away.